Poseidon Xstream mk3 1. og 2. trinn

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Xstream Deep er CE sertifisert for dykking ned til 200 m.
Kan brukes med Helium (He) blandinger.
Deep MK3 har 5 LP og 2 HP porter
Den leveres med 70 cm slange som standard.
Alle slanger til Xstream er oksygen rene.

Tekniske DATA

Nedenfor finner du Testen som ble gjennomført av Link til: Navy Experimental Diving Unit - Monday, May 18, 2009

Testing in Antartica

It´s noon at McMurdo Station, Antarctica but it´s dark at your depth
because between you and the surface of the Ross Sea lies19 feet of
snow-covered ice. Your dive buddy has drifted about 100 feet away,
but you can see him without hindrance in the gin clear water of the
early Antarctic springtime. The 800 foot water visibility also means
you can easily see the strobe light hanging on the down line 200 feet
away, the line leading to the three and a half foot diameter hole
bored through the ice.

Under these conditions, you should not have to worry about
your regulator, but you do, because you know that any scuba
regulator can fail in 28° F water, given enough opportunity.
You also know that some regulators tolerate these polar conditions
better than others, and you are using untested regulators,
so yours might free-flow massively at any moment.
All the Poseidon regulators and the one Sherwood regulator had a combined
free flow incidence of 5%, whereas the others had a combined incidence
of 44%. Two of the worst regulators reached an alarming 50% failure rate
after only 6 dives each.
One of the first regulators to be dropped from testing in Antarctica was
the Mares V32 Proton Ice Extreme, the subject of a recent
Diving Advisory (09-07). At the other end of the spectrum, the
Poseidon Xstreme was the only regulator that suffered no free flows
at McMurdo, and is also the only regulator that never free flowed
during NEDU´s rigorous 2004 testing program for cold water regulators.
Posted by The United States Navy Experimental Diving Unit
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